m.objects – from the analogue beginnings to the digital present

With the market launch of the first version for controlling analog slide projectors in 1996, m.objects, among other things, offered the ability to synchronize almost all projection devices graphically with audio. This was an important unique selling point in audio vision.

From then onwards, the software was continuously developed and adapted to the current projectors and control units. A large group of users quickly arised from ambitious photo amateurs and professional users, who were primarily interested in being able to create and present audiovisual shows intuitively and in the best possible quality. The application highlights of the first few years include extensive m.objects productions for several planetariums as well as the control of what is probably the world’s largest slide projection setup in Chile with 150 projectors and 12-channel audio.

In 2002 an important step followed with the expansion of the software to digital presentation. What started as an additional module for digital image soon developed into the brand ‘directAV’, which was registered throughout Europe. It stands for the loss-free control of digital AV productions directly from the timeline with the best possible use of the available hardware resources.

The application possibilities and areas of m.objects have been continuously developing since then. Functions such as digital audio recording, integration of high-resolution videos and video editing, export of different video formats or panoramic projection on up to 64 digital projectors are some of the important steps from the development of recent years. The latest innovations include the comprehensive usability for arrangement, animation and presentation of stereoscopic images and video sequences.

The user group has grown significantly since the beginning. While the software is used primarily by customers from Germany and neighboring countries, there is also a steadily increasing number of m.objects applications beyond the borders of Europe.

In autumn of 2012 the company changed its location. After 15 years in westphalian Ascheberg, the company moved into the much larger offices in Münster. These include, above all, a separate show and seminar room that offers the opportunity to present current AV technology such as digital projectors and screens in an appropriate setting. In addition, m.objects workshops are held there on a regular basis.