Video editing, post-production and presentation with m.objects

m.objects offers a comprehensive workflow for video editing – from video cutting to extensive functions for post-processing and export in all relevant formats.

Import of all common video formats

m.objects processes all common video formats, without the need for conversion or additional installation of video or audio codecs. So you can insert a video directly from your camera into the m.objects timeline and use the software as a universal video player or cut and process the video.
Videoschnitt mit m.objects

Cutting videos – frame-accurate and non-destructive

You can cut a video in m.objects in a very simple way directly on the image tracks. The scalability of the timeline display down to the millisecond range enables – together with the practical preview enlargement – a precise, frame-accurate video cut. Like all other post-processing steps, this one is non-destructive. When you cut the video, the original file is not touched.


You can separate the image and audio of a video for targeted dubbing. An assistant does this work for you and places the audio precisely on an audio track, even if you cut the video beforehand. Now you can extensively edit the audio with sound effects or regulate the volume – even partially. Of course, a video can also be muted and underlaid with a different audio.

All relevant export formats

For video cutting and subsequent export, m.objects offers all important formats from mp4 to image sequence export. Extensive settings and presets are available for every possible output medium. For example, mp4 export offers specifications for HDTV and a wide variety of mobile devices.

Real-time rendering – presentation in full output quality

m.objects offers the best possible output quality with playback directly from the timeline in real time and without any loss of compression. This applies to still images as well as videos. This way, you can present a video edited in m.objects in full quality. In addition, you can immediately track all editing steps: If you cut and edit a video, the result is immediately visible in full quality on the m.objects Screen.

Static and dynamic video editing

m.objects does not only offer you the option to cut videos. The tool for Picture-/Video-Processing also offers you extensive options for post-processing, such as resharpening, contrast adjustment, gamma correction or changing the hue. All functions can be used both statically for correction as well as dynamically for animation effects.

Postproduction with dynamic effects, masks and texts

Almost all tools and editing options in m.objects for still images are also available for videos. With dynamic objects, masks and numerous other functions, the software offers an almost inexhaustible repertoire for your creative work beyond video editing and post-processing. You can also add pictures or texts to the video on additional tracks. For example, a dynamic animation of the final credits can be created with just a few steps.
Video mit Maskeneffekt
Exportbereich definieren

Exact specification of the export area

Instead of the entire timeline, you can also export an arbitrarily definable area from it as a video. After post-production, the desired section of the timeline can be cut and output as a video. In this way you determine the exact length of the video and its starting and ending point.

Additive image blending

m.objects inserts videos into the timeline in overlapping image blending mode by default. This can be switched to ‘additive’, which adds up the brightness values ​​of a video with images or other videos that are stored on image tracks above or below. With this technique you can create artistic effects by, for example, optically copying two suitable video sequences into one another.
Video in additiver Bildmischung