Accessories for presentations

With the right accessories, you are well prepared for your presentation. Here you will find selected accessories from audiorecorders over devices for wireless signal transmission to remote controls, speakers and adapters.

Audio accessories

In addition to speakers for live presentations and sound cards for multi-channel sound, the shop also offers digital audio recorders for recording interviews, original sounds and spoken commentary.

Audio accessories in the m.objects shop


Remote controls

Presenting is particularly convenient if you are using a wireless remote control. This way you can move freely in the room without having to stay in the direct vicinity of the PC. The functions of the Speaker Support, especially the use of Wait Markers and manual ducking, can be used particularly effectively with a remote control.

Remote controls in the m.objects shop


Cables and wireless transmissions

Proven systems for wireless and wired transmission of audio and video signals over different distances as well as for the generation of control signals (RS232, DMX) can be found here.

Cables and devices for wireless transmissions in the m.objects shop